2012. Compiled using ArcGIS Desktop, designed using Adobe Illustrator.

This map depicts the strange, gerrymandered-seeming boundary that has developed between the Ravenswood City School District (comprised of the City of East Palo Alto and the northern portion of Menlo Park, California) and the adjacent Menlo Park School District, as neighborhoods to the southwest of a major freeway, US Highway 101, opted to leave the Ravenswood City School District to join the Menlo Park School District. This map is the result of a collaboration between me and Michael Levin, head researcher of Rebooting History at Stanford’s Spatial History Project; click here for more on Levin’s research.

Copyright 2012 Rebooting History/Spatial History Project. Modern street data derived from OpenStreetMap; modern coastline data from the California Spatial Information Library. The map on the left includes an excerpt of the official map of San Mateo County, published in 1910, and georeferenced in ArcGIS.