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Wilderness Areas in the United States, 1964 and now

A pair of maps I designed appears in Debra Bloomfield’s extraordinary new book Wilderness, accompanying an essay by Lauren E. Oakes. Bloomfield’s work evokes the experience of moving through wilderness–ephemeral light and shadow, haunting sounds, the connectedness and isolation one feels when enveloped by a landscape. Awe and wonder underpin Bloomfield’s passion to see these […]

CESTA Anthology 2013

The Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis recently released a new self-published volume of research; an experiment in presenting digital humanities projects in a more traditional print form. I had the pleasure of serving as editor, designer, and map/graphic editor for this inaugural offering. Zephyr Frank provided the impetus for the project and the volume’s […]

Pages 76-77 of the CESTA Anthology 2013, with an excerpt of "An Anatomy of Tragedies by Holst Katsma, Ryan Heuser, and Jake Coolidge.


Oakland Bikemap, 2013 Edition

In May 2013 the City of Oakland rolled out the fourth edition of the I[bike]Oakland Bikeways Map, incorporating edits based on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program’s success in augmenting the bikeway network during the previous year. This edition also incorporates current base map data from OpenStreetMap, revised styling for the base street layer, and […]

Extent of the Ravenswood City School District: Then and Now

This map depicts the strange, gerrymandered-seeming boundary that has developed between the Ravenswood City School District (comprised of the City of East Palo Alto and the northern portion of Menlo Park, California) and the adjacent Menlo Park School District, as neighborhoods to the southwest of a major freeway, US Highway 101, opted to leave the […]


Hand Drawn Map of California by Jake Coolidge Featured Image

A Hand-Drawn Map of California

I completed this map in October 2012, just in time to exhibit it in the Map Gallery at the NACIS (North American Cartographic Information Society) Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. I spent a portion of most of my weekends from December 2011 to October 2012 working in earnest on the project, though I had developed […]

Population Density along Transit Lines: A Comparison

Martin Lewis of GeoCurrents commissioned this set of maps comparing two Bay Area rail transit lines—the Bay Area Rapid Transit system’s SFO-Pittsburg/Bay Point line and the Caltrain commuter line—with similar lines in the eastern United States (Washington D.C.’s Orange line and the Main Line in Philadelphia, respectively).  I decided custom line graphs would provide additional […]


Language Map of the Caucasus Region for GeoCurrents by Asya Pereltsvaig and Jake Coolidge

Language Map of the Caucasus

Update: on Feb. 5, 2014, as the world turns its attention to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, the New York Times published an overview of the conflicts in the Caucasus region and incorporated the geospatial data we developed for the map below. See the article here. Developed with Stanford linguistics expert Asya Pereltsvaig and […]

The BART System That Never Was

My Master’s thesis research explored the unlikely second wave of rapid transit planning that occurred at mid-century in the United States.  One of those plans, from 1956, proposed a massive rapid transit system for the nine counties of the Bay Area.  This transit diagram imagines what the Bay Area Rapid Transit system might have looked […]



A Century of Growth: California Population by County

This post exhibits the first version of a cartogram of California population growth completed May 2008. I would later animate this cartogram using Flash. The Bay Area Automated Mapping Association awarded this subsequent dynamic version 1st place in its annual student map competition, in 2009. The cartographer Borden Dent describes cartograms as thematic maps that “are […]